October 25, 2011

Fall Wreath

Since it is now fall, I decided to replace this wreath with something that was more seasonally appropriate.

First, I used this genius idea to make a super cheap wreath form.  Then I wrapped the wreath in twine, which took forever. I spent probably close to two hours wrapping the ball of twine around and around and around and around.... If there's a faster way, I'm missing it.

Then I just whipped up some flowers and hot glued them on and I had a new wreath for my front door.

The flowers are super simple to make.  I've seen origami-type flowers, but they have several folds and look a little to precise for me.  {I was really, really bad at origami}.

Click below for more.

First, cut out five circles.  Fold the first one in half.

Run a gathering stitch through the raw edges, sewing both layers together.

Do the same for the next four petals, until all five of them are squished together.

Then bring the thread back through the first one.  Make sure they're together tightly and tie a knot.  Arrange the petals until they're all folded the same way.  Glue a button or bead or something to the center.

Then glue them to a wreath.  Or I think they'd make cute hair clips.  The felt flowers are the same, except I cut them into petal shapes instead of folding circles.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Beautiful wreath! This is a great idea for spring too!

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