October 18, 2011

Candy Corn Tee

I've seen gazillions of candy corn dresses floating around in blogland, but nothing that worked for a boy. So I came up with an easy way to turn a plain white tee into a candy corn shirt.

Now he can join in the fun of dressing up like a piece of candy, although I think he'd prefer eating it.

I got the orange and yellow fabric from t-shirts I picked up at thrift stores, so this was a pretty inexpensive project. Not to mention fast. Me likey.

Click below for a tutorial.

First, start by measuring your strips of orange and yellow fabric using your white t-shirt as a guide.  I left the hem on my yellow fabric so I didn't have to sew one myself.

Do the same thing for the sleeves. I used a short sleeve tee, so I used a long sleeve shirt to measure how long the sleeves should be. 

Cut off the bottom of the white tee.

I used adult sized shirts, so I had to make them narrower. Sew up the side seams if you need to, like I did below.

For the body, turn the yellow piece inside out and the orange piece right side out.  Insert the orange piece into the yellow piece and stitch the two pieces together.

Then turn the orange piece inside out and insert the white tee into the orange piece and stitch together.  Press your seams down.

Do the same for the yellow and orange sections of the sleeves. Then turn the white shirt inside out and the orange part right side out. Insert the orange part into the white shirt and stitch.  I made my seam far enough in so that the hem of the white shirt sleeve wouldn't show.

Then trim of the extra fabric.  Press the seams down again.

That's it! Since I used existing shirts, I didn't have to finish any hems.


Tricia said...

Super cute Terra. I'm sure that he loves his new top. You should link this up at my Top-toberfest party. I really love this project.

Emily said...

What a great idea! This would be perfect for color blocking grown up shirts too. :)

Jessica said...

Looks awesome. Great idea with the sleeves, wish I thought up that. I made the dress version for my daughter and just figured she would need to wear a long sleeved shirt underneath.


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

I made something really similar for my daughter: http://6dukes.blogspot.com/2011/10/candy-corn-tunic.html. Great minds think alike! Your little guy looks adorable.

Just Jaime said...

Fun idea for fall!

alisamm said...

Oh! This is so cute. What a great idea! My little daughter would love it. (She's not really a dress kind of gal, so the shirt is perfect.)

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