September 22, 2011

Houndstooth Dress

I found some houndstooth fabric and grabbed it.  Here's what it turned into:

It's just a basic peasant-style dress made using Simplicity Pattern 5695.  I lengthened the sleeves and added a tie with coordinating fabric. 

I had the hardest time getting her to model this one for me.  Every time I'd set her down and run to get in position to take a picture.  She'd be running behind me {sort of-it was one of the first times I put her in shoes} and I could only get one picture at a time.

That is, until I let her take her shoes off and carry them around.  Then we got lots of pictures.  We also got lots of wood chips stuck to her tights.


pickygirl said...

so cool! such a good model, too! would you want to do another crafting competition-- a couple of us who didn't make the last one we entered are doing one along with crafting with the stars-- you told me about this website.

let me know and hug that family for us!

K.E.N said...


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