September 09, 2011

Boys Shirt Refashion

This was a guest post a little while ago on Brassy Apple.  I'm reposting it here.

I love a good deal.  Sometimes that backfires on me though.  I picked up this blue polo shirt new for 50 cents.  After a few washes, I saw why it was so cheap.  It shrunk in length but not width.  It sat in the "to get rid of" pile until I came up with an idea to save it.

I picked up a bright yellow and white striped long sleeve tee for a quarter. Not really a flattering color for me, but perfect for my little guy.

I used the shirt to add some length to the polo, and then for good measure, added long sleeves to make it nice and cozy for fall.  Perfect for a new back to school outfit!

Want to save some of your clothing discards?  I'll show you how! Just click below.

Start by cutting the sleeves of the long sleeve shirt to the length you want.  I measured using a long sleeve shirt of my son's that fits him well.

Lay your polo shirt over the top of the other shirt to measure how much extra length you need. Don't forget to add extra if you have openings in the sides of your shirt like this one does.

I needed to trim the undershirt a little so it would be the same width as the polo.  You may also need to do this for the sleeves.  If you do, just turn it right sides together and sew it back up after trimming.

Pin the undershirt to your polo all the way around.

Use thread that matches your polo and stitch along the polo's hemline to attach the undershirt.  Make sure to go up and around notches in the polo if you have them.

Then just keep stitching all the way around.

Turn your shirt inside out and trim the extra fabric of the undershirt close to the stitching.

Then pin the sleeves of the undershirt inside the sleeves of your polo.  I found the easiest way to do this was to stick my hand up through the long sleeve and pin that way. It helped to keep the front of the sleeve from being pinned to the back.

Roll up the long sleeve so that you can stitch the sleeve of the undershirt on the same way you stitched the bottom on.

And that's it! Now you have a shirt that is perfect for starting school.  Or playing outside.  Who needs a backpack anyway?

See ya later! You're welcome to come visit us anytime!

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Emily said...

Love the extra layer peeking out at the bottom. :)

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