May 20, 2011

A Public Service Announcement

Did you know...

Lightning can fry your computer through the cable if you have cable internet? Yeah, neither did I.  We thought a surge protector was enough.  Apparently not.  Lightning hit pretty close to us.  I was sitting at the computer desk, waiting for it to shut down, and I saw a flash of white light and a bang.  Our computer {and modem and router} were no more.

So I am using an old laptop these days.  It's a great laptop.  It helped me out a lot when I was in college.  Unfortunately, its a little slow.  Okay, a lot slow.  It doesn't handle pictures very well. So posting has been a little light lately. It should pick back up when we get a replacement.

On another note, I've been trying open shade photography {photography referring to my pictures in the loosest sense here}.  The idea is to take a picture on a sunny day with the subject facing the sun, but in shade.  This is what I got before Bella told me she was done.

I love how it makes her eyes sparkle.

Please excuse the chocolate {?} around her mouth.  I promise my kids are usually neat and well groomed.  And never have a spot on their perfectly pressed clothing.  Yeah, right.

I'm exited to play around with open shade some more.

1 comment:

Karen en Marc said...

We know the problem with chocolate, she looks like a model. I'm looking forward to see more pictures, and maybe I will be able to take better pictures myself (I'm a real mess with that)

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