May 25, 2011

Bubble Romper

I am an impatient sewer.  I like something I can sew within one nap or evening.  I've been wanting to make a romper, but I couldn't find a tutorial for one I liked.  If you remember from this post, I feel like cute little shoulders should be kept safe from the sun.  I couldn't find a romper that had sleeves and also didn't take a ridiculously long time to make.

So I came up with the Bubble Romper {because Bubble Romper sounds better than The Skin Cancer Prevention Romper}.

Finished in one naptime, and coverage of little shoulders.  It's perfect for little summer babies.

Click below for the tutorial.

Start by making a dress.  I used Simplicity 5695, but you could use any simple dress pattern.  Make it according to the pattern directions.  It should be long enough to come to the knees {so that once you turn it into a romper you have room for it to "bubble". That way a diaper fits too!}.  Leave the bottom hem unfinished.

Sew a strip of fabric about 2 inches wide in half lengthwise and turn it right side out.

Cut it into two strips long enough to accommodate three snaps. Turn the unfinished ends to the inside and stitch in place.

Fold the unfinished bottom of your dress {soon to be romper} under and press.  Fold and press again.  It should be wide enough for 1/8 inch elastic to fit through.

Pin your two strips of fabric to the front and back of the dress right in the middle.  

Stitch all the way around the bottom, except for where the strips are.  Leave that part open for now. The sewn areas on either side will be where you insert the elastic for the leg openings.

Insert the elastic and gather the fabric as much as you want.  Stitch a horizontal line on both ends to hold the elastic in place. Repeat for the other leg.

Unpin the strips and sew the snaps on. I recommend using heavy duty snaps, especially if you have a crawling or walking baby.

Sew the remaining hem shut, then pin the snaps in place, as shown.  Stitch around the rectangle.

That's it! A cute little romper in one afternoon!

make it wear it


Deanna said...

Oh, you have to post a picture of this on a little person! Looks cute and bubbly!

Sherry said...

This was an awesome tutorial! I did exactly what you said and made a dress that I was comfortable making, whitch was a pillowcase dress, then followed the rest of your directions, the little pollowcase bubble romper looks so cute on my little one Thanks so much!

Terra said...

I am so glad it worked out for you! Thanks for the comment letting me know!

ambero said...

This is a great tutorial! I made a ruffle-top dress and then used this for the bottom. It turned out great! The best part was, I was able to use exactly half a yard, with no pattern and no cutting at all! Thanks for the brilliant tute.

Margo said...

this is great - I found your tutorial for exactly the reasons you explained why you were making it! seriously, I want to sew for my baby but NOT MUCH TIME around here.

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