April 15, 2011

Paper Bag Shorts

I came across these paper bag shorts last week, and I loved them.  I looked at some online stores to see more versions of paper bag shorts, and I was hooked.  Here is my version.

Want to make your own? Click below.
Use some shorts as your pattern.  You need to cut two pieces on the fold.  Move the shorts away from the fold so there will be extra fabric to gather.

For the cuffs at the bottom, cut two strips about three inches tall and the width of the bottom of your shorts. {I actually cut mine a little shorter, because the denim shorts are wider than I wanted my paper bag shorts to be.}

Cut a long strip for your belt loops.

With right sides together, sew up your inner leg seam.

Turn one leg right side out and stick it inside the other leg.

Stitch the crotch shut.  I did a double row of stitching so it would be more sturdy.

Fold and press the top of your shorts. Fold and press again so the raw edges aren't exposed. Stitch it closed.

Measure a strip of fabric around the top of your shorts. Cut it a little longer so that you have room to sew the ends together. Press the top and the bottom edges under.

Pin it to the top of your shorts with the raw edges facing the wrong side of the shorts.

Stitch around the top and bottom, leaving an opening on the bottom to insert 1 inch elastic into the casing.  Stitch the elastic together and stitch the opening closed.

Gather the bottom leg openings.

Sew your cuffs into tubes.

Fold them in half and press, as shown.

Pin the cuff to the bottom of your gathered leg openings.

Sew around the bottom, making sure you get both layers of the cuff and the shorts. Press the cuff down.

Fold your belt loop strip in half the long way.  Stitch it and turn it right side out.  Press with the seam in the middle of the back side.

 Cut your belt loops into pieces. Press the ends down and zig zag stitch them.

 Attach the belt loops above and below the elastic casing.  Add a belt if you'd like.

I just love them. So cute for little diaper-covered behinds.

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KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

I saw the inspiration project and also love them. I really love your interpretation. The cuffs remind me of the "knickers" I used to wear in the very early 80s. PRecious.

828 Miles Later said...

These are super cute....I just need to learn how to sew! I can plug in the machine and that's about it. : )
Learning how to use the machine is on my To-Do list. I will keep these in mind. Thanks.

bcrandall said...

Come share your cute shorts over at my party.


Kerry said...

Cute!! I also like your blog's new spring look!

Marriah said...

So cute! I want to make some for my daughter and me, lol. Great tutorial. www.mylifeunzipped.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

You did an excellent job! Very adorable.

Melanie said...

Saw this at Tip Junkie...I'd love for you to come link this up at my Tuesday Time Out Linky Party! The link is below!
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Lindsey Stipes said...

very cute!! I am just now getting into sewing more and will definitely be back to see what other tutorials you have listed. I can do some basic things-skirts and dresses but have not ventured more than that...lol following via the tip junkie!!

Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

these are so great. you are very talented and I love the tutorial. saw you on tea rose home.

new follower!

Rebekah said...

Very cute!

JamieS said...

great tutorial!

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