April 04, 2011

It's a Hard Knock Life

The shirt in the following post is an adaptation of this dress pattern.  I shortened the sleeves and made it shirt length instead of dress length.

There is a very good reason that a lot of the things I make for Cita are pictured without her {see here and here}.  It is because she is the clingy-est baby ever. {Not that I mind so much.  It is nice to totally make someone's day just by looking at them.}

When I attempted to leave her alone on the blanket to take her picture, this is what happened. Sad, sad day.

Notice she even has my lens cap to play with.  Nice try, mom.  You need to pick me up. Um, NOW.

So we tried some close-up shots.  I wanted to tie in the shirt with the pants, so I used some of those fancy stitches my machine came with.  I did the vine in green first, and then used blue thread that matched the pants to do a couple of rows of those sunburst-looking chains.

With Mama a little closer, she took the time to actually look at what was in her hand.  Still such a sad, sad face.

But wait! Proof that this baby does, in fact, smile.  {This series of pictures is very misleading.  Usually she's a very happy baby.  Then again, usually Mama isn't pointing some big, black thing at her.}

The pants I made by using a pair of Cita's as a pattern.  If you haven't made a pattern yourself before, pants are a good place to start.  Only two pieces, and I'll bet one of the first things most people sewed was a pair of pajama pants, right?  You know how to put them together.  I would suggest using pants with a similar fabric type to the one you plan on sewing with.  If you make your pattern with a knit fabric for example, it might be too small for a fabric that doesn't stretch.

Here's a close-up of the fancy-schmancy stitching. And all I had to do was push some buttons and then put my foot on the presser foot. Like the headband Cita is wearing?  Here's the tutorial.

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Kerrie P. said...

Love your tutorials! Thank - you! Such cuteness!

Just Jaime said...

The stitching is beautiful!

Melissa said...

That is amazing! I have some really cool stitches on my machine! Thanks for this great idea! Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All.


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