April 12, 2011

Felt Hydrangea Headband

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This is my first project with the felt I won from Felt on The Fly.  I've been seeing flowers stuck into styrofoam balls with pearl-headed pins around the blogsphere.  They looked so pretty to me, so I decided to use the same idea for a headband.  Obviously not with the pins though.  That would be painful.

I used some of the pink felt.  I sewed the pearls on at the same time I sewed on the flowers, so it came together quickly. Note that I said "came together" quickly.  I just used some old fashioned scissors to cut out the flowers, so that took a little time.

But I think it was worth the effort. 

When it was done, it reminded me of a hydrangea, so I named it the Hydrangea Headband. Although I've been wondering, who came up with the name hydrangea in the first place?  It really doesn't seem to fit these flowers to me.

Click below for the tutorial.
Start by drawing a flower shape for your template.  I just drew a simple, five-petal shape.  Use it to cut out your flowers.

Once you have a good sized pile of flowers, cut out a rectange about the same size you want the finished cluster of flowers to be.

Then just stitch the flowers to the felt rectangle one at a time, adding the pearls as you go.  

When you've covered the rectangle as much as you want {or you run out of flowers and don't feel like cutting out more}, trim any visible edges of the rectangle.

Attach it to a headband {I just used a 1/8 inch piece of elastic} and you're done.

Here is a link to some other great felt flowers for headbands {and the spark that started this idea}.


Ladybird Ln said...

What a sweet idea, and a sweet baby girl! I love the little pearls!


Kathryn Michelle Jenkins said...

so cute. I love how many little flowers are on it. really sweet.


Lindsay(PACountryCrafts) said...

Hydrangeas are my favorite! So pretty!!!

Melissa said...

That is so cute! I have tons of felt that I just bought and have been trying to decide what to do with! Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All.



nest full of eggs said...

adorable :)

Krystine Stephenson said...

Those are super cute! Thanks for the tutorial! I love it!


Sachiko said...

So cute! Love the small flowers!

Louisa said...

Cute! I'll have to make one for my niece next spring.

Marsha said...

I saw the same blog with the petals attached with pins. A hydrangea actually has four petals, not five. Don't know where the name came from, though. It's one of my favorite bushes. Cute headband!

Jami said...

This is so cute and simple (which is probably my favorite thing, when it's simple but makes a HUGE impact!) I just might have to make one for myself :D... I don't think my hubby would be too fond of our little boy wearing one :D

Krazy Momma Kreations said...

I found this post through pinrest. What a cute idea... I just love it. Will definitely follow and try some of your things out... My girls would love it.

Shari said...

Just saw this and it's ADORABLED!! I have a cute butterfly that I can add with this. Thanks for sharing :)

Tina Polson said...

Hi there, this is a lovely piece. Could you tell me how you attached the finished hydrangea flowers to the elastic band? Was it sewn or glued? Thanks for your help. :)

Terra Sews said...

I just glued because it was faster. You could sew if you want the elastic attached more securely, but it might be a little tricky since you wouldn't want the stitches to go through the flowers and show on the top.

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