March 07, 2011

The Secretary Top

This top is in response to a request for a tutorial for this Shabby Apple knock-off.  Since I didn't do a tutorial the first time around, I decided to make a shirt for me, but the tutorial could be easily adapted to make a dress.

Start by using a shirt that fits well to make a pattern.

I cut out the front and back pieces at the same time, then cut the neck lower in the front.

Cut out your sleeves, then use the bottom of them as a guide to cut two strips of fabric.  You want the fabric to be the same width as your sleeves.

Cut another very long strip for the tie around your neck.  Make it twice the width {plus seam allowance} that you want it to be, and long enough to go around your neck and tie in a bow.

Now for the sewing! With right sides together, sew the front and back together at the side seams and shoulder seams.

Sew the sleeve seams.

Turn the sleeve right side out and insert it into the sleeve hole of your shirt.  Sew them together.

Sew the two strips you cut for your sleeves into a tube, as pictured.

Fold the tube in half with the seam on the inside, so that it's not showing.  Turn your sleeve right side out and insert it into one of the tubes.  Stitch in place.

Pull the tube off your fabric and press.  Do the same for the other sleeve.  

Stitch the really long piece into a tube.

Turn it right side out and press.

Optional: finish your neckline.

Pin the really long strip around the edge of your neckline, as shown.  Leave a little bit open at the front.  This is where the bow will tie.

Sew it and press the strip up, so it looks like a collar in the back.

In the front, it will be ready to tie.

Finish the bottom edge and you're done!

There it is!

I also love it paired with a cardigan.


Yolanda @ Miss Refashionista said...


Incredibly easy to make, but when you wear it it looks so intricate and complicated

I'm gonna try it tonight.

Thanks for thinking of me!!

Alison H said...

OK that is going right on my "To Sew" list!!!!!

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