March 14, 2011

Quatrefoil Bow Tie

I had some fabric left over from this project and to me it just screamed bow tie.  I did a search for "bow tie tutorial" and combined several of them to make one that I liked.

I am really loving quatrefoil right now, which made this fabric perfect.

This little man loves to investigate!

I asked my husband if he wanted one to match, and he looked at me with something akin to stunned disbelief.  I guess it's not really his style.  Luckily Nino is still young enough to not mind how I dress him!

1 comment:

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Such a handsome little bow tie, the fabric really is fantastic. And my husband was the same way, I offered to make him a matching bow tie and he laughed at me. My father on the other hand, really wants me to make him one, but he has HORRIBLE OCD and he likes them done a specific way, and I'm still waiting for that altered pattern. So, no bow tie for him yet.

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