February 24, 2011

Leg Warmer Tutorial

Here's the tutorial for the leg warmers from this post.

They're made from an old sweater.  I got it for $1, which is less than you'd pay for a pair of knee-high socks, and you still have the rest of the sweater for another project.  Make sure the sweater fabric stretches both vertically and horizontally.

Start by cutting of the arms of the sweater.

Trim to the width you want.  I used a pair of Bella's tights to measure.  Make the length longer than the tights. Tights have the foot part, which holds the stretch a little better. The leg warmers won't stretch as much, so they'll need to be longer.  I hope that makes sense. 

Sew them up lengthwise.

Now make a band for the top.  I just used some of what I trimmed off the armholes.  Sew it into a tube. You want the tube to be narrower than the leg warmers.

Turn the tube right side out, and then fold it so that half of the tube is inside the other half, as shown.

Insert the unfinished edge of the leg warmer into your folded tube, and serge {if you're lucky and have a serger} or zig zag stitch together.

Pull the band out and press. You're done!

Let your little girl test them out.  Make sure she's wearing a pair of bloomers so that when she lifts up her dress to show everyone she's wearing leg warmers, she's covered.

Update: These worked great for a little while then started sagging. I'd recommend inserting elastic in the top to help them stay up better.


Mandy and Mark said...

So cute-- awesome idea Terra!

Nat said...

Way cute! I am so into leg warmers these days...I may just make myself some! Thanks for the toot! :)

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