October 16, 2010

Folded Fabric Flower Tutorial

Here is the tutorial for the flowers in a previous post.

They are super easy to make.  All you need is some fabric, a needle and matching thread (I used a different color so it would be easier to see), scissors, a bead, and paper to make your pattern. I prefer to use a solid color fabric.  If you use a print, make sure its printed on both sides, because the wrong side shows.  Also, you want a somewhat stiff fabric like broadcloth.  Something like a knit or flannel won't stand up as much, so the flower won't be as puffy.

First, cut out three circles from your paper to be your pattern. Each should be slightly different in size. My largest circle is a little over two inches in size, the middle circle is a little less than two inches, and the smallest is about an inch and a half.

Cut out your fabric.  Cut one of the large circle, 12 of the middle circle, and 4 of the smallest circle.  I can get two or three flowers out of an eighth of a yard of fabric.

Take one of the medium sized circles and fold it in half.

Fold the half into thirds, so that your circle is actually folded into sixths. It should look like a triangle with a rounded bottom.

Sew the triangle onto your large circle, making sure you go through all layers.

Repeat with 5 more medium circles, so that you have six total medium circles sewn onto your large circle. Use plenty of thread so that you have enough to do the whole flower.

 Fold another medium circle into sixths (the same as before) and sew it to your large circle, placing it so that it covers the space between two of the circles on the first layer. 

 Do this again with the remaining 5 medium circles so that all your medium circles are sewn onto the large circle. You now should have two layers of medium sized circles.(I don't have a picure of this part, sorry.)

Take one of your small circles and fold it in half, and then in half again, and sew it on top of the second layer of medium sized circles.

Here's another view of this step.

Repeat with the remaining small circles, so that all four of them are sewn onto the second layer of medium circles.

Side view of the flower. Your needle and thread should be underneath your flower.

Pull back a single layer of one of your small circles.

Push the needle up through the flower and the single layer, so that all your stitches will be covered.

Sew a bead to the middle of your flower, and you're done!

You can fluff the layers a little.  Glue or sew a clip or pin to the back.  Or you can sew it directly to whatever you want to.

Go make a whole bunch in lots of different colors.

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Katie and Lane said...

Look at you craft mama. Such cute ideas. I might use some of your ideas to brush up on my sewing skills. this last week I made costumes using a hot glue gun. I didn't feel like sewing so i glued it all together. Its a good thing halloween is at night.

Naomi said...

I'd made other versions of similar flowers, but these have turned out the prettiest! Thanks for sharing!

Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy said...

Lovely! Thanks for the link!

Laura said...

Thanks so much for sharing these. It's so relaxing to do while watching t.v. I used them to make embellish my bedrooms pillow...so far!

Crystal Malay said...

Laura's comment is actually mine, she was logged in and I wasn't paying attention! Sorry about that. Thanks again for the great tutorial.

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