October 14, 2010

Boy's Fall Jacket

I love to sew for my little girls.  There is so much you can do to give girl clothes a little something extra that will set them apart from what every one else you know is wearing.  You know, a ruffle here, a flower there.  With boys, you can't do that.  I'm pretty sure my husband would confiscate my sewing machine if I added ruffles to any of our son's clothes.  He already thinks the clothes I dress our little guy in are too feminine. (Although, in my defense they are at least clothes made for boys.  He is the one that gave our son's old sandals to our daughter.)

Anyway, this is my attempt to sew something non-Halloween-y for little man.  I turned a pattern for a short-sleeve button up shirt into a military style jacket.

The pattern included one pocket.  I made four pockets total.  The ones on the bottom are a little bigger.

By the time I was done taking pictures, the jacket was super-dusty.  Typical boy.

 Here's a close up of one of the pockets.  I meant to get his face, but he was moving too fast. 

I used velcro instead of buttons for two reasons.  One, because I don't like to do buttonholes, and two, it is easier to get on and off.


Tracy said...

I really like it - you did a great job!

~rob said...

awesome! my wife is always looking for boy patterns!

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