January 03, 2009

Quilted Tote Tutorial

Cut out fabric for your tote.  You need four long, skinny pieces for your handles.  You need two wider, longer pieces for the body of your tote.  Mine are shown folded in half.  If you make them double the length you want your bag, as I did, you don't have to sew a bottom seam.

Cut out batting for the body of the tote, the same size as the fabric.  Optional: cut out batting for the handles as well.  

Lay the fabric for the tote right sides together and lay the batting on top.  Sew up the long sides, but not the top and bottom. Turn it right sides out.

Do the same for your handles.  Omit adding the batting if you want.  If you choose to omit the batting, you may want to add interfacing to make the handles less flimsy.

Here is the tote right sides out, with one of the finished handles on top.

Machine quilt the tote.  Place it right sides together and stitch up the sides.  I did two rows of stitching.  You may need to use a heavy duty needle for this.

Finish the top edges of the tote.  I finished mine by zig zag stitching around the top then folding it over and stitching it down.  You could also use binding, like a regular quilt.  

Place the handles where you want them, and stitch them on.

The end. You're done!

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