May 03, 2017

Faux Watercolor Temples

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I shared these faux watercolor temples on instagram, but wanted to share how I made them.

You could use the same technique to make other faux watercolor art if you'd like. You can also find similar items (but they're actual watercolor) on Etsy.

First, grab some stencils. I found most of mine here. You can also purchase some from the Silhouette design store if you want temples that aren't available on that site.

You'll also need some watercolor flowers to pretty your pictures up a bit. Mine came from two free sets from Fox and Hazel.

I started a new blank document in Photoshop elements and made it a square, the size of the windows in my frame. Then just add the flower and the temple clip art where you want them. I used some free watercolor brushes to paint over the top of the temple to give it a watercolor effect. This tutorial might be helpful.

Then I printed them out, wrestled them into the frame (I had to pry the back off, because it was meant to display the artwork that came in the frame), and hung them on my wall.

The frames came from Ikea. They were only $10 each.

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1 comment:

Michele Hedin said...

TheY are beautiful!

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