November 28, 2015

Sewing Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

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Here are five sewing gift ideas for the women and girls on your list. Every one of them comes with free tutorials. I've tried most of them (some are actually my tutorials), and the rest look great to me!

This classic-looking foldover clutch would be perfect for your mom or sister or daughter (or yourself)!

How about these adorable pajama gift sets from Melly Sews? She includes a tutorial for the bag, as well as one on drafting your own pajama pants pattern.

These stick horses are perfect for your favorite kid (or kids)! I made mine pretty girly, but you could make them out of more neutral fabrics if you want.

How about some of these felt treats? They are 100% calorie free, and so adorable! You can find the tutorial at Ikat Bag. The Q & A at the bottom is worth the visit!

I loved making this little fabric doll house for my daughter. It came with some peg dolls made to look like our family, and she loved it!

This ruffle flower scarf was the most popular post on my blog for a long time, and I still think it's a pretty scarf. I used baby rib knit, but for a really warm, cozy scarf, you could use fleece, and just round the corners when you cut it out. To make it a pretty quick project, you could skip the flowers.

How about this take on a basic circle skirt? You just need to make (or buy) a pattern for a circle skirt, then use this adaptation to give it a little something extra!

This self-binding baby blanket tutorial from Sew Much Ado is really pretty simple. And a great way to use up all the flannel you got from JoAnns on Black Friday. Three years ago. I adapted mine by sewing together strips of fabric left over from the jelly roll I used for this quilt.

Admittedly, men are hard to sew for. My husband's favorite sewn gift was a pair of scrubs I made him back when our son was a baby, but he wore those out and I don't have a picture of them. He does like to be prepared, and he travels a lot for work, so I think this first aid kid from Positively Splendid would make a great gift.

Or how about this iPad case from Melly Sews? It includes directions for taking measurements, so you could adapt it to whatever tablet you-I mean, your husband-has.

For the teacher or bookworm on your list, how about these embroidered felt bookmarks? They can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like.

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