December 20, 2012

Cascading Bow Skirt

I love looking at designer children's clothes. The ones I'm drawn to tend to be somewhat simple in design, but with extra details that make them special. For example, I really like this dress (the original dress is no longer available from the retailer). I knew as soon as I saw it I wanted to add that bow to something.

I ended up putting it on a skirt. Paired with the striped legwarmers {which were made from an upcycled sweater}, they make the perfect Christmas look.

We had a warm spell, so Bella was able to model this with a white tee. I think white tees are a great wardrobe staple. Bella disagrees. She thinks plain white and plain black are "too boring". I had to talk her into this one.

I didn't do a complete tutorial. There is another tutorial for a similar bow here. Mine is done pretty much the same way, except I machine sewed the bow to the skirt.

I started with a skirt that was almost done, except for inserting the elastic.

Make your bow.

Arrange it on the skirt and press and pin in place.

I used my machine to stitch the bow to the skirt along the fold lines of the bow. There are three lines of stitching on each side of the bow.

Then I tacked down the middle and the ends and inserted the elastic and it was done.

Here it is with the legwarmers. You can make them using the tutorial here. Just use sweater fabric instead of ruffle fabric.

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sewknitcreate said...

This is so cute I love it! This is going on my list of things to make.

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