November 15, 2012

Big Bow Hat

I came across these hats made from sweaters earlier this year and thought it was a super cute and easy idea. I grabbed some sweaters way back in the spring when my local thrift store was clearing them out and held on to them until I got around to making my own version.

I cut the sweater into a hat shape as shown in the tutorial, but I made it a little narrower at the bottom, so that it would fit snugly on the bottom, but more loosely on the top. Then I used some of the scraps from the sweater to make the giant bow, which I love. And yes, I bribe reward my children with candy during photo shoots.

The dress is also upcycled. I loved the pattern on the tee-shirt, but I wanted it to be long sleeved for the fall. I didn't have enough fabric to work with because the shirt was short-sleeved, so I used some coordinating fabric to make the sleeves. I also used that fabric to make a neckband and tie it together.

 Here's the dress by itself. I could have sworn I took pictures for a tutorial, but I must have deleted them. Sorry about that. You could use any t-shirt pattern and just lengthen it to make this dress.


Melissa (Melly Sews) said...

The whole outfit is adorable!

Kerry said...

I love that hat!

Katie said...

Both are super-cute!

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