June 22, 2012

4th of July Ruffle Skirt

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This whole project started with the boots. I saw them on sale at Gymboree. They were a good deal, but I was having a hard time justifying the purchase because we didn't really need them. Finally, after going back and forth, my husband said "Just get them!" You have to love a man that tells you to buy shoes.

So then, with the boots on the way, I had to come up with something for my girls to wear with them on the 4th of July. Cute boots need cute clothes, right?

Instead of ruffling the white trim, I made some pleats, like I did for the trim on this peasant dress.

I wanted the skirts to look like they were wrapped, with out the hassle of really being wrapped skirts. I didn't want a bustle with ruffles. I love bustles on dresses, but I wasn't really sure how it would look on a skirt. I looked at different ideas for a little while, and finally ended up combining elements from different dresses and skirts to make this one. I was inspired by this dress (or here for the pin), this skirt, and this skirt.

I love how it pairs with the boots. My girls do too. Even Cita was excited about the boots. When Daddy got home from work, she had to get them out to show him.

 A few more pictures, just for fun {and because I'm in love with how this skirt turned out}.

Want to make your own? Click below for the tutorial.

I found the blue dot fabric as a remnant. There was only 7/8 yard left, but it was enough for two skirts. I also bought a yard each of red and white, and that was enough for the ruffles. Besides the fabric, all you'll need is 1 inch elastic and thread.

Using a skirt that fits well as your guide, cut out two rectangles of fabric for the skirt. Cut two more, smaller rectangles for the waistband. 

Round a corner of the skirt. My rectangles are stacked here, wrong sides together, so I just rounded both pieces at the same time. The more fabric you cut off, the more your ruffles will peek through.

Cut long, narrow strips of fabric for the pleats along the bottom of the skirt. I cut two strips the entire width of the fabric for a 2T skirt and three strips the entire width of the fabric for a 4T skirt. Cut them double the width you want your pleats to be.

With right sides together, stitch the straight side seam ONLY of the skirt pieces.

Stitch your white strips together so that they make one long strip.

Fold it in half with right sides showing.

Iron your white strip into pleats, then pin it around the skirt, matching raw edges. You could just gather the strip into ruffles if you want to go faster. I wanted the neater look of pleats.

Stitch the pleats to the skirt. Press the pleats away from the skirt, making sure the seam allowance faces up, toward the skirt.

To keep the pleats in place, topstitch along the edge of the skirt.

Sew your waistband at the side seams with right sides together.

Using the waistband as a guide, overlap your skirt edges where you want them and pin them in place.

Cut a scrap piece of fabric into the shape of the opening in your skirt. Make sure to leave extra room on the edges for a seam allowance and at the bottom to hem.

After I cut my piece out, I placed it under the opening to make sure it was big enough. You want it to go a little past your topstitching.

Cut out strips of red and white fabric for your ruffles. I cut them twice as wide as I wanted them so that I could just fold them in half the long way. You could hem the bottom of each of them, but that would take a long time.

Here's the red one pressed in half.

Finish the bottom of your weirdly shaped triangle piece.

Ruffle your red and white fabric strips by running a gathering stitch through them. I just did the whole width of the fabric, then cut them smaller as I needed them.

Pin the ruffles to your triangle, alternating red and white pieces. Stitch the ruffles to the triangle along the top edge.

Pin your ruffles to the inside of your skirt. Stitch them in place along the top stitching of the skirt.

I went up the left side of the skirt all the way to the top here:

Then folded the top pleats back and went down the other side.

Here's what it looks like from the wrong side. Trim off all the extra ruffles and fabric.

 Gather the skirt to fit the waistband.

Turn the waistband inside out and insert the skirt. Stitch the waistband to the skirt.

Press the waistband up.

Make a casing and insert the elastic.

You're done! Happy 4th of July! 


Laura J. said...

Old Navy had similar boots. And now I am compelled to go buy them. These skirts are hilariously cute!!

Heidi said...

So cute!

Ashley said...

This is too cute! I love it! So creative and ingenious :)


Charity said...

Those are so adorable! The boots and the skirts! It's too bad I bought my daughter shoes last week, or I'd be buying some boots right about now. =) I'm definitely going to have to make her a skirt like this though!

Bratling said...

sooo cute. Perhaps I should revise my sundress plans... And that skirt would go so well with the peasant blouses I made last week!

jaime ♥ raising up rubies said...

really...just too cute! when my girls were younger I always used to match their outfits...especially on holidays... awesome work, and love the boots! much love ♥

TRICIA said...

These are adorable! And you are very talented!


Tricia said...

Fantastic! You're a genius.

Barbara Cross said...

Love these skirts! I might just have to make some for my two daughters...

Caroline said...

Hi! I love this and would like to feature it (and maybe some of your other tutes)on www.sewcanshe.com. Please drop me a line to let me know if it's okay.



michelle@somedaycrafts said...

This is so so so cute! I wish I had time to make it for my daughter! I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

Jaime said...

Oh mama this is cute!!

Lindsay said...

Love love love!!!

Rach H @ FamilyEverAfter said...

Pretty much THE cutest skirts I've ever seen. And those boots. Well, what a man! haha. Amazing job. Pinning right now. Wish I had time to whip something like this up! :)

Liz said...

GREAT skirts!!! Liz

Susan said...

Red boots and/or red shoes are a favorite in our house. My two girls have gone through several pairs of red shoes. As you know, red shoes go with everything. :)

Michaela @ coveredinmodpodge.blogspot.com said...

These skirts are just too cute! I love them paired with the red boots.

Anshu said...

So very pretty! Featured them here:

Amy said...

I just had to make these. I cut larger skirt pieces. http://pinterest.com/pin/184718022187008928/
Thanks for the idea!

Paula Jean said...

These skirts are incredibly cute! I wish I had a little one to sew one up for. Thanks for sharing these!

Amy said...

I made another one! I can't stop

gml said...

REALLY cute!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Such pretty, girlie skirts!!! Adorable!!! I've used your great tutorial to make this skirt into a Christmas skirt...

Crystal said...

This is so so adorable! I am totally making one, but I think I am going with Minnie Mouse themed colors to use for our Disney trip. Thanks for sharing!!

Beatriz Azuara said...



Chrissy Couture said...

Featured this skirt and your blog today along with my 2 attempts at this adorable skirt! Hope you check it out!

Thanks for the great turtorial!


Ryan and Stacie said...

I know it was awhile back, but where did you find the remnant of fabric with the jumbo dots? I can't find anything like it anywhere.


Kristin said...

I just finished two skirts identical to these and can't wait for my girls to wear them this week! Thank you for such an incredible tutorial.

I found the navy dot fabric on Etsy. One yard made three skirts!--size 7/8, size 2t and size 18mos!

Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

These are super adorable!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What a CUTE skirt!! Thank you for the tutorial! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Skirt Fixation said...

We included your adorable skirt in our round up of projects to make with Red, White & Blue fabric! (http://skirtfixation.com/2014/06/red-white-and-blue-roundup/)

MaryAnn in Okla said...

MaryAnn in Okla....Thanks,for bringing this skirt back up for those of us that are new here...Now,if I could find a little girl to make this skirt for!..Too bad my granddaughter is 25..She definitely would have had this IF she was little again....thanks,this is precious!!!...

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