May 22, 2012

Bow Tied Boys and Bow Topped Girls with Made by Me. Shared with You

Why hello there,  I'm Tricia, of Made by Me  Shared with You (or Leafy Treetop Spot).  I'm so excited to be here at Mama Says Sew.  I love Terra's blog, and love seeing everything that she comes up with. She has this really light and feminine style that I really love. I love to see what she makes for herself and her family.

I love sewing, and have been faithfully sewing since my oldest son was born three and half years ago.  My blog is a place for me to showcase my projects, and share what I learn along the way.  You'll find tutorials and projects for me (or you), and for my boys.  You'll find apparel projects, teaching toy projects, and sewing technique tutorials.

When I first heard about Terra's Just Sew series, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it.  Sewing has become a really special part of my life.  It has become an escape for me as a mother, and allowed me to develop skills that I never knew that I had.  I am a person that has a hard time sitting still when I know that there are things to be done.  Sewing allows me to escape, while still feeling productive.  I love having an end result, something to show for my effort and time spent (not wasted).

With sewing there is always something new to try, learn, and explore.  Even if I sew the same thing over and over, I can use new materials, add special details, and make it one of a kind. I can spend hours and hours working on a pattern or sewing project, or I can spend 15 minutes and whip up a really quick and satisfying project for myself or loved one.

The thing that I love most about sewing is the relationship that I have with my projects and their recipients.  I love thinking and dreaming of the new baby that will wear the dress I'm making, how my baby boy will look in his blessing outfit,  or how excited my son will be when he sees his new superhero cape in the morning.  For me, sewing is about relationships.  It provides me with the opportunity to give something of myself, along with a finished project, to someone I love.

 Bow ties have become one of my go to sewing projects.  I can whip them up in no time, there is very little material needed, and it is something special for my big and little boys to wear.  Bow ties on boys aren't something new, but for me they are one of my favorite things to make (especially on those days when nothing seems to be turning out as I'd hoped). So today, I thought that I'd share a little bow tie pattern and tutorial with you.  You can find a printable version of the pattern and tutorial here.  The bow tie  has an elastic back, making it easy to slip over heads. The tie is scaled to fit 18months to 5T.  You can customize the fit by adjusting the size of the elastic band.  Don't have boys?  I happen to think that bow topped girls are adorable.  Use the same pattern to make an adorable fabric bow headband for your favorite little girl.

Thanks so much for having me Terra!

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Sharon said...

I love this! I have been looking for a bow tie tutoiral and this is just perfect. I will be trying this very soon, thanks for sharing!

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