November 01, 2011

Ruffled Infinity Scarf

Today I'm going to show you how to make this Ruffled Infinity scarf. It would make a great gift for your mom, a neighbor, a teacher, or just about anyone who likes scarves. Heck, make it for yourself.

It's made with the same basic technique I used in my Ruffle Flower Scarf.

All you need is some knit fabric and coordinating thread. Okay, lets get started.

Usually knit fabric is about 60 inches wide.  If you come across a fabric that is significantly less wide, I wouldn't recommend using it for this project.  Your scarf will turn out too short. Fleece would be nice if you want a cozy scarf.

Cut two strips of fabric across the whole width of your fabric.  They should be the width that you want your finished scarf to be. This is pretty thin, so if you want a bulkier scarf, cut it wider.

Lay one on top of the other, WRONG sides together.  I know, it feels like you're violating a cardinal rule of sewing, right?

Now we're going to ruffle the edges.  First, set your machine to a zig zag stitch.  I like to make the stitch wider and shorter than the default settings on my machine.  As you sew both pieces together, you want half of the zig zag to land on your fabric and the other half to land off the edge of your fabric {see below} so that it kind of wraps around the edge of your scarf.

Also, make sure to stretch your fabric as you sew. Yep, breaking rules all over the place here.  As you sew, the stretched fabric will shrink back up behind the stitches, creating the ruffles.  Do this along both long sides, leaving the short ends open.

Turn the raw edges to the inside.  Press.

Now match both ends up.  Make sure your scarf isn't twisted.  You want one smooth loop.

Use a blind stitch to sew both ends together.  Using a hand needle, slip your needle into the fold of one end of your scarf, as pictured below.

Then do the same thing on the other side of the scarf.  Keep going back and forth all the way around your scarf, until you end up where you started.

Finish by knotting your thread.  Clip any loose threads and you're done!

You can change the look by wrapping it or tying it different ways.


Cindy said...

Your scarf is gorgeous!!! I love it. Are you saying that you turn the scarf inside out, but now the wrong sides are showing, right? Or am I not understand correctly.
Thanks for your help. I love this scarf.

Ellie said...

This scarf is perfection! I think it might stretch my skills, but I want to try!

{northern cottage} said...

i just love the idea of this scarf! can't wait to gather up some knit fabric & get going on one - thanks for sharing!

rochambeau said...

Beautiful!! Thank you !!


Khristina aka Khris said...

What a nifty way to make a scarf. Thanks for sharing your idea. I have posted your link on Freebies for Crafters too...hugs Khris

amanda said...

This is so pretty & inspires me to get excited to find time to sit down at my sewing machine this fall.
Hope you don't mind that I pinned it?

Patricia Low said...

Hi , thanks for this tutorial!
very creative ideas!

Amy said...

Cute! but what do you mean by "turn raw edges to the inside? " I stink at sewing so I don't follow. but I will definitely try this!

Amy said...

Ok, nevermind. I got it. so simple! Thanks.

Whosies said...

Your scarf was just featured this on my blog-- with other wonderful scarf tutorials! thanks for sharing it.

Mercy said...

maravillosa la bufanda.Mil gracias. Si es posible me agradaria tener todas esta enseñanzas en mi correo Desde Colombia con gran cariño.Mercy

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