September 24, 2016

New Horizons Patterns Bingo

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I've been a tester pretty frequently for New Horizons Patterns (formerly Terra's Treasures Designs), and so I have a lot of their patterns, because, as most designers do, she gave me the final copy of the pattern once it was released.

There was a really fun Bingo game in her facebook group, and I sewed up a lot of patterns for it. It was like Kids Clothes Week, only better, because I did some sewing for me too!

This is the monkey pants pattern. I actually sewed several of these up. My youngest daughter has a bunch, and I even sewed up one as a baby gift!

September 23, 2016

Swansea Dress and Top from Little Luxe Collection

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I tested the newest pattern from Little Luxe Collection (which means I was given the final copy at the end of the test.) It comes in dress and top lengths, and I think it is really cute. The one I made for my daughter hits a little above her knees, but it's designed to be a little longer. My daughter was right on with the chest and waist measurements, but three inches taller than the height in the size chart, and I didn't make any alterations.

I used some Cloud 9 organic quilting cotton that I got at JoAnns when they had a great sale on fabric. The belt is made from some pink broadcloth.

She got a bubble machine for her birthday, and really loves it. I love it too, because she gets as many bubbles as she wants, and I don't have to get light headed blowing them.

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September 05, 2016

Pajama Solutions

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This probably won't be relevant for most of you, but I'm posting it because maybe it will be helpful for someone else.

My son has autism, and sometimes we have trouble keeping his pajamas on at night. So after some trail and error, we came up with a solution. It's been working so far (knock on wood!).

I came up with the idea for this because of those snap pajamas where you can snap the shirt to the pants. I tried snaps first, and they didn't work, so then I tried buttons and button holes. Success! Now he keeps his pajamas on all night.

The shirt buttons to the shorts, and since I used the same buttons, the shirts and shorts are interchangeable. They're comfy too. He still wears pull ups, so the button doesn't irritate his skin.

I sewed the buttons on the inside of the shorts so that they're less visible and more difficult to access. The button hole is backed with twill tape to help stabilize it.

Here are the buttons all around the shorts. I sewed them on with my machine, so it didn't take too long to make two sets. Now he keeps his pajamas on all night, and we don't have any messy surprises in the morning. Now if we can just figure out a way to get him to leave his sheets on his bed.

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September 03, 2016

Kosmos Dress Testing

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I tested the Kosmos Dress from the Eli Monster, and (in case you don't already know), that means I received the pattern for free. I haven't tried the final version yet, but it's been released and is on sale for a few days.

There are a couple of options with this dress. You can make just the dress, or you can add planets or pockets or both. I added the pockets.

It's actually a pretty quick sew. The dress itself is just the two dress pieces and the two lining pieces, and then a hem facing. I really, really like the hem facing. It was such a nice way to get a curved hem to lie nice and flat.

The pockets are really fun too. I love the way they add a pop of color to the dress, but they're functional as well.

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August 02, 2016

Pool Party + Free Printables

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We just moved into a home with a pool, so I decided to take advantage of that and host a pool party!

Check out my Party board on Pinterest for a lot more ideas. These are the ones I used. Some are taken from Pinterest, and some are variations, and some are my own ideas.

There are printables at the end of this post. They are free, and you're welcome to share, but if you share, please share the link to this post rather than the link to the actual file.

cupcakes in a row

First up, the food!

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