April 24, 2015

Fiona Suspender Shorts for Baby

I am working on using the fabric in my stash. I've only purchased fabric twice this year, for the Valentine's Day outfit and the Easter outfit. You can join me on instagram with the hashtag sewingthroughmystash. I'm also sewing up patterns that I bought and then never used.

These Fiona Shorts are so cute. I love the ruffle on the sleeve and that they are bubble shorts. Perfect for showing off those cute chubby legs.

The back ties in a bow, or you can use buttons instead. Or just leave the suspenders off entirely. 

There are a couple of pieces that just have measurements, including the waistband, which means there wasn't a button hole placement guide. And I was off when I measured, so my buttons are off-center, but I figured no one's going to notice when she's wearing them.

All in all, it's a cute pattern, and I love the range of sizes-it's big enough that I could make a pair for all of my girls.

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April 21, 2015

Blank Slate Pinafore and Bloomers

The Criss Cross Pinafore Dress and Bloomers are being released today. Check out the Blank Slate Patterns facebook page-I think there's a discount code today only.

I helped test it, so I made a couple of versions with fabrics from my stash. The first is a Riley Blake print-I think it's ombre dot or something like that. The other pinafore, as well as the bloomers, were made with Heather Bailey's Pop Daisy.

Don't you love how the daisy petals go around the neckline and mimic the look of a necklace. Yeah, that was completely accidental. I was just trying to whip up a quick version to test some longer straps.

The pinafore is a fun, quick sew. There are only six steps, and I got the second one done in about a half hour, cutting, pressing, and all.

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April 16, 2015

Tutu Cute Swimsuit

The Tutu Cute Swimsuit is a new pattern from Peek-a-Boo pattern shop. I had the opportunity to test it, so keep in mind, this is a tester version-I know there were some changes made to the final version.

This is the second swimsuit I've sewn (see the first swimsuit here). I've still got some things to learn, like how to get the perfect fit, but I think they're so fun to sew. Swimsuit fabric is a little pricey, but you really don't need very much of it, so it really works out to be less expensive than buying a swimsuit at the beginning of the season.

This one has a couple of ruffles, one at the neckline, and one around the waist. You can also use tulle or nylon chiffon to make the swimsuit really look like a tutu.

The back has crisscross straps. These are a must in my opinion. We always have a hard time keeping straps that don't crisscross in place on swimsuits. We don't want any wardrobe malfunctions here.

I added some length, and I think I may have added too much. My measurements said I should have only gone up one size for length, but I was like, no way. She's always too long for her swimsuits. Oh well.  Room to grow!

I also made another one from striped fabric for my older girl, but it's been too cold to get modeled pictures.

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April 15, 2015

Big Bow Headband Tutorial

Earlier this week I posted about the Fawn Lily Tunic I made for my baby. You can see my Fawn Lily Tunic here.

I also made a bow to go with the outfit, and I love how big and full it is. Since I made the bow with knit fabric so that it would match the headband perfectly, I had to figure out something to do to make sure it would stand up instead of flopping all over the place. Scroll down for the tutorial, and I'll share what I did.

Here's the tutorial. Enjoy my expertly rendered drawings too.

1. Cut two rectangles, 5x7 inches in size, from knit fabric. Cut 1 rectangle (same size-or a little smaller if you want it inside the seam allowances to reduce bulk) of interfacing and fuse it to the wrong side of one of your rectangles.

2. With right sides together, sew around the edges of the rectangles, leaving a gap in the middle of one of the short sides to turn. Clip corners, turn right side out and press.

3. Hand stitch the opening closed. Run a hand gathering stitch up the middle of the bow. The gathering stitch should go the length of the long edges of your bow. This is what makes it nice and full.

4.  Pull on gathering stitch to form bow. Wrap your thread around the bow a couple of times to hold the gathering in place.

5. Cut a small strip of fabric maybe 1x2 inches (didn't measure that part, sorry!). Fold in half right sides together and sew up the long edge, leaving the ends open. Turn right side out and press. This is the center for your bow.

6. Cut a length of knit fabric for your headband. The size is kind of up to you, but you want the piece to be double the width you want the headband to be, plus seam allowances. Make sure the stretch is the length of your headband, so it will stretch around the head. You want the headband to be a little shorter then the length around the head, but how much shorter will depend on the stretchiness of the knit fabric you're using. Fold it in half right sides together and stitch up the long edge. Turn right side out and press flat.

7. Sew the headband into a loop. Place the bow over this stitching. Wrap the center (from step 5) around both the bow and the headband and stitch in place. You can also add a few more stitches to make sure the bow stays where you want it on the headband.
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April 13, 2015

A Fawn Lily Tunic for My Baby

If you follow me on Instagram (@mamasayssewblog), you might have seen pictures of this tunic already. It's the Fawn Lily from Willow and Company patterns. I've loved the look of this pattern since I first saw it last year, and I love the instructions now that I've sewn it up. It is one of my favorite PDF patterns now.

I made the pleated button down version. I added some piping too, but since I just had a scrap left, I didn't have any for the back. But I still think the back is pretty. I really love the fabric print. I kind of wish I had more than a yard of it.

The pattern and instructions are really well done. Everything lines up really well, and I can tell the designer put a lot of effort into creating the pattern pieces.

I don't have a serger, so I really love when pattern instructions show you how to get a nice clean finish on the inside using only your sewing machine.

I made some ruffled leggings to go with it. I'm excited for my baby to grow into this outfit, although I think it is going to be used only for special occasions.

I also made a bow and some little moccasins to complete the outfit. The bow is made from the same knit fabric as the pants, and I made the moccasins with a free pattern that I adapted. I'm planning on tweaking it a little and sharing what I did if there's any interest. The tutorial for the big fabric bow will be up later this week, so check back!

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April 03, 2015

He Lives! Free Printable

Easter is just around the corner, which inspired me to create this printable. It's some of the words from one of my favorite hymns. I used some free clipart that I found on this site. Enjoy!

Download it here (without the watermark).

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March 31, 2015

Easter Bunny Skirt: The Quick Version

When I made the Easter skirt (it's adorable, you won't regret clicking that link!) for my daughter, her sister wanted one too. She even drew up a design for it. (You can see her design on my instagram feed.)

She was so sweet about it, even drawing me up a sewing schedule so that I wouldn't have to do it all in one day (something that my husband found hilarious). So I did what any mom would do. I negotiated. I didn't want to sew all those appliques on again, with everything else I have on my to-do list, but she was happy with the egg fabric substitution. And I did end up doing it in an evening. I may have cut some corners to finish it that soon

We still did a few eggs in the basket, although they are a little hard to see with all the other eggs everywhere.

And it includes a cute little stuffed bunny all her own, with a purple bow instead of a pink one, so that they don't get mixed up.

You can find the pattern here.

The fabric came from Wal-Mart.

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